About this website

Hi, you guys!


It is soon… difficult to play jazz…。When I was a first grade in my college, I encountered JAZZ music and started to practice it, but at first, I didn’t know what the best way to improve is? which books are more effective?



whose and what compositions should I copy ..?
how many II-V frases should I remember… ???



or..what on earth how many scales exist!!….(´Д`)…Something like that. But as a result, I think it  the best way to improve Jazz skill is that we should practice “JAZZ BLUES” throughly because it includes many important code progressions, and by a simple idea, we can learn many jazz tips form only ” JAZZ BLUES”.



So this web site doesn’t handle many jazz compositions, but focuses on only “JAZZ BLUES” Look at next code progression.

F blues code progression


This is a general jazz blues code progression in F. Jazz blues is consisted from only 12 bars but jazz blues is absolutely played in jam sessions and we can get to learn many things from this short code progression. For example, we can study each note of codes and importance of 3rd, 7th notes, and remember some II-V or dominant frames and so on. In addition to that, we can learn how to play code backings. So I think  JAZZ BLUES code progression is a great efficient one. Of course, it’s important to practice other jazz compositions, but as  Mr. MIYANOUE, the great jazz guitar player in japan, says “you should sing a blues with the guitar”, I think no one deny the importance of JAZZ BLUES.


At this website, I try to tell JAZZ tips easily to every one by focusing on only JAZZ BLUES. And I intend to write what I have learned by myself, and what I’m practicing now and what contributes to your improving of jazz skills.





It is no doubt and I believe that practicing jazz blues throughly contributes to improve your skills of ad-lib, and so you can deal with many kinds of jam session, rock, funk, latin… and so on. I’ll be  happy if you feel jazz is so interesting and excited ,and have fun. So now let’s learn it together !